Saturday, January 17, 2015

And I Would Walk 585 Miles ...

It took us 8 years to return, but this winter Regina and I loaded up the kids in the truck and drove the (nearly) 1200 miles to our favorite spot in Baja.  I hate to tell you exactly where, because what once was grueling 16 hour trek through the desert is now an easy 2 hours and can be done in a Prius with bald tires.  Such is progress.

It was a perfect trip.  The kids fell in love with a stretch of beach I've been going to since I was an infant and Regina has already started her list of things to bring when we return.  I couldn't of been happier.

So, when you spend that much time in close quarters in the Baja desert, you learn a few things.  I learned that the kids can manage the 2400 mile drive, especially with screens for them to gape at; that Grady can eat beans and rice 3 meals a day and be perfectly happy; that Dylan's terrified of Trigger Fish; that we need a bigger boat; that even without maps, Regina is a great navigator; that military checkpoint stops are a great time for the kids to run around and stretch their legs; that Highway 3, the "wine and cheese" road, while a beautiful drive, is more of an "occasionally you'll see a vineyard and dairy, but mostly you'll see interesting road-kill" drive; that I sunburn while the locals are wearing beanies and down jackets; that adventure-drives through the desert in search of abandoned gold mines are best left to 4-wheelers and jeeps; that a Christmas tree in Baja can be just as great as a silver-tip here; and that Santa can still deliver internationally.

And I would walk 585 miles more.

Sometimes the best vacations don't need a lot of explanation.  Enjoy the photos.